Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021


People, brands and businesses on social media constantly need more followers. It’s hard to know how to gain more Instagram followers. You can learn how to get more Instagram followers in 2021 starting today.


Why Do We Need More Followers?

Instagram has been more of a marketing tool than a social media site. You actively use Instagram to reach more people, promote your products and services, and eventually sell them to your customers. The best way to increase these sales is to have more followers by regularly creating good content. Here are some things you should do to get more real followers.


Optimize Your Bio

To start gaining more followers on Instagram, first make your bio interesting. The most important thing you need to optimize for improving your Instagram presence is your bio. You should make sure to highlight your prominent features. Your potential followers should be able to get a sense of who you are. You can provide an overview or add a link that takes you to a step-by-step link. You should also use the highlights features. Here, you should group and highlight your stories that are relevant to you and that can introduce you. Now, more prominent posts are clicked on Instagram profiles.


The link in your bio should be available. You only have one place in the bio to share a permalink. You can also include several hashtags in your bio. Your profile can be found by searching Instagram with keywords and hashtags. You can add something about your industry, your job, or who you are so that those who search for those keywords can find your profile.


Create Quality Posts

You have to create better posts to gain more real followers. Good content should be created with a quality image. The photo or video you share should definitely attract attention. Sharing infographics can surprisingly increase your follower count and engagement. Infographics allow your followers to share your posts on their stories or private messages with their friends. Charts with quotes or factual information are always shared more. You can see it by trying it on your audience.


There are various answers to the question of how to gain followers on Instagram. The best way to do this is to test your audience yourself. You should test various combinations to see what your audience likes and shares more. You can experiment by sharing different categories such as videos, landscape photos, quotes, infographics and more. You can try anything you can think of. By measuring the behavior of your target audience, you can understand how you can gain more followers.

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