Trending Instagram Hashtags of 2021


The most important of the effective methods of social media marketing are hashtags. Adding hashtags to your Instagram posts will help increase your engagement. Posts with at least one hashtag get 14% more engagement than those without. Trend Instagram hashtags, on the other hand, can be defined as tags frequently used by many accounts. It helps you increase your brand awareness by increasing the interaction rate. The popular Instagram hashtags that have attracted the most attention in 2021 in different sectors are as follows.


Animals: #dog, #pet, #cute, #love, #nature, #animals

Parenting: #parents, #love, #parenthood, #kids, #motherhood, #parenting

Lifestyle: #happy, #fashion, #fitness, #motivation, #life, #lifestyle

Entertainment: #follow, #fashion, #instagram, #fun, #music, #entertainment

Music: #instaartist, #acousticmusic, #instalove, #instamusicvideo, #instamusic

Retail: #onlineshopping, #marketing, #business, #shopping, #fashion, #retail

Fashion: #mensfashion, #streetstyle, #fashionblogger, #instafashion, #ootd

Food: #foodlover, #foody, #foodstagram, #foodie, #foodporn


How to Use Trending Instagram Hashtags Effectively

The way to reach as many users as possible is to use trending Instagram hashtags effectively and strategically. Hashtags categorize posts that people interested in a particular topic can find. Thus, you can easily find your target audience by using hashtags. If you use only relevant hashtags in your posts, you will create a good Instagram experience for users who will follow you. In this way, you will not waste the time of anyone who does not think to be interested in your posts.


Although we have shared the 2021 trending Instagram hashtags above, one of the things you need to do is learn how to find trending hashtags. One of the ways to do this is to search for hashtags on Instagram. Type a generic hashtag like food into the search bar and Instagram will present you with a list of other hashtags you might be interested in.


Another way to find trending hashtags is to use hashtag generators. Many companies choose to use these popular hashtag listers. After you create your hashtag list, you can start using them right away. It would be nice if your list was long, because you should choose to use different sets of hashtags in each post. Instagram may detect them as spam when the same hashtags are used in each post. Worse still, your posts may not appear on the page of some hashtags. Take care to use different hashtags to achieve maximum relevance. Many brands prefer both to use different hashtags and to publish different types of Instagram posts. For example, you publish a product post on Tuesday, a video on Thursday, and a congratulatory post on Saturday.


If you create a long list of hashtags for each post, it will be enough for you to just copy and paste the posts while you share them. Using trending hashtags helps users discover your Instagram page, and therefore more engagement for your brand and more sales.

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