Instagram SEO Techniques


Instagram hosts over a billion people to share visual content. Launched as a photo and video sharing platform, Instagram has evolved over the years into a social media marketing platform to grow businesses. Businesses are trying to promote their services and products in thousands of different categories on Instagram. As a result, it has become harder than ever to have more customers and compete with competitors.


Does Instagram SEO Work

SEO is essential to beat your competitors and reach more customers on Instagram. Instagram SEO is about making your business profile’s posts more visible. So people can find your profile more easily and maybe buy something from you.


Instagram SEO is critical for growing your audience and promoting your business. The most important step of Instagram marketing is to make the right SEO settings. For Google or other search engines, SEO is mostly about using keywords. On Instagram, the equivalent is hashtags. Every hashtag is a keyword for Instagram. That’s why, just like Google, keywords should be well researched on Instagram.


Instagram SEO Tips

You should optimize your Instagram profile. The Instagram search bar includes accounts, hashtags, and locations. Your business profile should stand out more to your target audience. For this, your profile name and username are very important. When users do a search on Instagram, they will be able to reach accounts with the searched word in their name and bio. Your bio allows your target audience to find your product or business when they search using hashtags.


Optimize for Instagram Explore

The discoverability of your content should increase. Writing descriptive titles to the posts you share will allow your posts to appear in the Explore section. Instagram has an algorithm that tries to predict what content users would prefer to see. These estimates are based on user behavior. The interests of each user are determined by looking at the people they follow, the posts they like, and their comments. Posts in your Explore section may be completely different from posts in another friend’s Explore section.


If users have shown interest in products similar to those of your business, there is a high probability that your account will appear in Explore for them. Because Instagram has other algorithms that identify which accounts are similar to each other, and they work very well.

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