Does Buying Instagram Followers Work?


Have you considered buying Instagram followers as a way to increase your engagement on Instagram? The idea of ​​buying organic Instagram followers in 2021 sounds tempting. Seeing a huge increase in your follower count may motivate you a bit, but it can also make things worse.


There are hundreds of different free and paid Instagram related things on the internet. It could be Instagram followers, it could be a hashtag scheduling program, it could be ready-made graphic templates, it could be an Instagram posting strategies course, or anything else you can think of. You may think that you will learn a lot of new things and gain new followers while you buy them, but the company that sells these services to you does not think the same. For example, the followers you buy will often be bots. Even if they are not bots, they may hurt your engagement rates or simply not be interested in your posts.


Bot followers are cheaper than organic followers. However, buying bot Instagram followers can put your account in the spam category. In addition, Instagram periodically cleans bot accounts from its database. Therefore, when you buy followers, the number of followers that have increased may suddenly decrease to the same number.


Increasing Instagram Followers

By increasing your Instagram follower count, you get new people interested in you or your products. If you use a personal account, the people who follow you will want to be more aware of you, they will want to be in your life. Unfortunately, the followers you buy will never have such a desire.


There are many options to buy Instagram followers in 2021. You can buy thousands of followers at once, you can choose the gender, nationality of these followers, you can buy bot accounts or organic followers. Getting a certain number of followers each day by signing up for a subscription is also an option. There are even companies that add new ones as the number of followers drops. If you read the information provided by companies selling Instagram followers, you can get your money’s worth.


How much are Instagram follower prices? Prices may vary depending on the type of followers to post, but the average price per 1000 Instagram followers ranges from 15 to 20 usd.

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