Ideas to Promote Your Brand on Instagram


Brands use social media very effectively as a promotional and marketing tool. Instagram helps you build trust, find new leads, and build a community. Promoting your brand on Instagram is the best way to gain new followers who will eventually become customers.


More than a billion users are active on Instagram every month. Every Instagram user is competing with each other for the attention of people just like you. That’s why it’s sometimes hard for users to find you and make a good first impression. Every day, 220 million Instagram users visit at least one Instagram business profile. Using Instagram to find your ideal followers and potential customers will put you one step ahead of your competitors.


Use Instagram Promotions

Instagram promotions are not Instagam ads. Instagram promotions are recognized by the phrase “sponsored” at the bottom of the post. They are no different from a normal story or post. It’s a good way to promote existing stories and posts on your profile so that new users can find your profile.


Instagram promotion strategies, on the other hand, are various ways of promoting your brand to users on Instagram. Some of these tactics are easy to implement, while others are very laborious and time consuming. They often cost money. The easiest way to use paid ads is to set up Instagram promotions with your business account.


How to Create Instagram Promotions?

Select the post you want to promote from your profile. Tap the Promote button. Choose the audience you want to reach and create the CTA button. You should define your audience as well as possible. You will then set a timeline and budget. Add your payment information and tap the preview button to see what your audience will see. The promotion will start after getting approval from Instagram.


After your promotion has been published for a few days, you should view its analytics. So, you can see how close you are to what you’re aiming for. If you add a URL to the promotion, you aim to increase your web visits. You can choose between action buttons such as “Shop Now”, “Learn More”, “Contact Us” to choose the most meaningful action button.


If your goal is to reach customers at a specific address, your business address must be added to your profile. So, you create an action button that gives them your phone number or address. You can invite customers to your address with the “Get Directions” action button.

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