Increase Your Instagram Follower Count with Celebrity Giveaways


Celebrity giveaways are an effective way to increase your influence on Instagram by driving traffic and followers to your business account. Of course, partnering with a celebrity is not easy. We’ll give you some tips to partner with celebrities on social media and gain followers with Instagram giveaways.


What Do Celebrity Giveaways Do?

What is a celebrity giveaway? Celebrity giveaways typically include a publicly-recognized, high-follower celebrity and the brand that celebrity is partnered with. With this cooperation, the famous will present a product of the brand with which he has partnered, to a lucky follower with a giveaway draw. When celebrities announce such a giveaway, they set various ground rules for participating in the sweepstakes. An example of these rules is that those who want to participate in the lottery should follow both the celebrity and the brand’s account. In addition to this rule, rules such as liking the raffle post, tagging three friends in the comments, sharing the raffle post in the story can be added.


After the giveaway date has passed, the celebrity will select a winning follower via random draw app. Celebrity giveaways often reach high turnout. After the winner is announced, a gift will be sent to him. Some of the other participants who do not win will unfollow the brand they follow.


Giveaway Collaboration between Brands and Celebrities

Businesses make giveaway deals with celebrities as a step in their marketing strategy. This celebrity tells their followers how great your brand’s products are. So many potential customers will be aware of your brand. You gain credibility by followers, customers and target audience. People tend to trust the celebrities they follow. Therefore, if the celebrities and influencers they follow suggest something, they will definitely consider this suggestion. Thanks to the giveaway, you will observe an increase in people who are interested in your brand and products.


Social media, especially Instagram, is in the center of everyone’s attention. That’s why it’s very valuable for your brand to have a well-liked Instagram celebrity promote your brand. When you make a giveaway deal with a celebrity, you will start to experience a rapid increase in your followers. Moreover, there is no clear price or standard set for this agreement. You will need to contact more than one celebrity as there are many factors that affect the price you will pay in the end.

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