Which Social Media KPIs Matter?


Life has become more liveable on social media than on the streets. Your online presence is more important than ever before. Social media is not only changing the function of sharing and liking photos, but also changing our shopping, news and entertainment habits. Brands that want to increase their reputation also create profiles with their own style on social media. For a social media that performs well, it is necessary to be fun and interesting.


Whether you are new to social media marketing or an experienced social media consultant who follows all trends, you should be aware of the metrics that make a difference by monitoring KPIs in your marketing strategy.


What is KPI?

KPI is short for key performance indicator. KPIs show how followers engage with you and your content on social media, especially Instagram. With these metrics, you can learn what works and what doesn’t, and you can increase your sales by tailoring your future campaigns accordingly.



How many users see your posts? You should be aware of social media algorithms to make your content more visible. Seeing when your followers are most online on Instagram and posting with trending hashtags at those times can increase the visibility of your content. If your reach is low, you may not be getting enough efficiency from your last posts. But if you have high reach, more people will see your posts and become potential customers for you.



Engagement is similar to access, but has a few different aspects. Reach shows you how many people viewed your posts. Engagement is about those who interact after seeing the post. Favorites, shares, likes, comments, and saves are all interactions. If a lot of people interact with your posts, you should continue in the same way and try to increase your interactions even more. Liking a post is easy and can be done by anyone. But sharing or reposting the post is more difficult than liking. Because in such cases, the person who re-shared the post has heard a real request against the post.


In your social media consultancy, it is important to determine which KPI is missing in which profile. Thus, you can see which posts you get better results from and improve your weaknesses.



On Instagram, likes are accomplished with the act of double-tapping the screen. The person who likes your content means they are really interested in that content. Although Instagram and Facebook offer the ability to hide the number of likes for users who want to, likes are one of the descriptive signs of interaction that can be tracked through profile analysis.

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