Grow Your Business with Instagram Branded Content Ads


There is almost no limit to the services that Instagram offers to brands. Instagram branded content ads enabled them to see ads as posts and stories in a way that would not disrupt the user experience.


Today we have to use all the tools on Instagram correctly to fight competitors. Brands should therefore also become adept at running Instagram branded content ads. So, what are Instagram branded content ads? How are they used and how do they affect creators and brands?


Instagram Branded Content Ads

Businesses and influencers make advertising deals through paid collaborations. Brands that pay for influencers’ sponsored posts also promote these posts with sponsored Instagram ads on their profiles. Thus, the advertised product or service reaches more potential customers faster.


There are two types of Instagram branded content ads. Branded content feed ads are sponsored posts interspersed with regular posts that users see. Branded content stories ads, on the other hand, are sponsored ads interspersed between stories, just like posts.


They look more authentic than regular in-feed ads because the ad content was shared by the influencer, not the business itself. Users are less bothered by these ads; they treat them similarly to regular posts. Because of all this, branded content ads made with influencers are used 94% more than other ads.


Users filter the posts they see while browsing their timeline in their own minds. For example, they view posts from friends they follow, businesses’ posts, and ad posts differently. Instagram branded content ads are more engaging than other ads because they look like organic content. Users can interact with these ads. Strong quantitative results from this ad type, which has been used for more than two years, revealed that users are satisfied with these ads.


Should Businesses Use Instagram Branded Content Ads?

To use these ads, your account must be a business profile or a creator profile. Both account types can promote their posts as advertisements. In order to advertise the business, the influencer creates a post and advertises. The business pays both the fee to be paid for the advertisement and the amount of payment agreed with the influencer.


Creating branded content ads is different for content creators and advertisers. If the advertisement will be given from the business account, it will be given as an advertiser. The first thing you should do is allow creators to tag your brand in their own posts.

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