How to Benefit from Instagram Live Shopping


Businesses continue to improve the way they promote their products using Instagram Live Shopping. Live shopping allows creators and businesses to sell products directly through Instagram Live Broadcasts. Businesses have started using Instagram Live as a good way to communicate more friendly with their audience. So, they started seeing better results overall, more engagement, and an increase in conversions.


Instagram Live Shopping, in simple terms, means that accounts with access to Instagram Checkout select the products they sell in Facebook stores and go live and sell those products during the live broadcast.


Can I Use Instagram Live Shopping?

You can create promotions by adding up to 30 of the products in the catalog on your business’s Facebook profile to the live shopping collection. The business account can fix the number of confirmed items during the live stream. Products promoted during the stream will appear at the bottom of the video screen and will be available for purchase during this promotion. Viewers will be able to purchase the product immediately during the live stream or save it for later purchase. Thanks to this convenience, customers can instantly access the products that interest them, while businesses increase their sales.


Should I Use Instagram Live Shopping?

Businesses use this integration to streamline product promotions and increase their visibility. Live Shopping offers customers multiple ways to purchase products. Instagram Live provides much better product promotion than stories and posts. We all get a notification when someone we follow goes live on Instagram. Followers who are aware of this broadcast via notification will also get the products you introduce to them. With these notifications, the visibility of your Instagram profile will also increase.


Compared to posts and stories, Instagram Live is a way to gain a lot more engagement. 84% of Instagram users prefer live video content, IGTV and reels over standard social media posts. That means businesses are also expecting a high conversion rate from product promotion with live streams.


Insatgram Live Shopping also helps to promote more products. Strong ties between businesses and followers are the most important thing for followers to turn into leads. By adding up to 30 approved products to your live video, you should try to increase interest in these products throughout the broadcast. Instagram Live can easily direct followers to buy products. Because the viewers are genuinely interested in the products promoted in the broadcast, you interact directly with your audience.

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