Contest Organization of Businesses on Instagram


Businesses see Instagram as a marketing tool and run contests on Instagram to target new customers and increase their reach. In our posts we mention that Instagram has more than one billion active users. It is important to grow and promote your business quickly to achieve your business’ ultimate marketing goals. Gen Z and Gen Y account for almost 65% of the total number of users on Instagram. Thanks to Instagram contests, you can reach them more efficiently and reach them with less hassle.


Should I Organize a Contest on Instagram

Instagram users love to connect with brands they like. Brands that produce high-quality content are also the brands that benefit most from this communication. Contests held on Instagram provide brands with customer loyalty first. In addition, it allows to gain new followers with a reliable image. With Instagram contests and giveaways, you can grow your account up to 75% faster than usual, while also creating a rocket effect for the awareness of your business and services.



Each country’s laws include several laws pertaining to sweepstakes and promotions. You must act in accordance with these laws in the giveaways you will organize on Instagram. You must follow the rules of both your country and Instagram. Thus, there is no need to delete your posts or ban your account. When you run a giveaway or contest, you must state that this contest is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram. You should also specify the terms and conditions and add certain eligibility requirements such as age and residence restrictions. Giveaways and contests will be a very useful marketing tool for your business once they comply with Instagram’s rules and federal laws.


Instagram has free terms and conditions templates you can use when running contests and giveaways. Thus, you will be protected and your credibility will increase in the eyes of your followers.


Friend Tagging & Commenting Giveaways

Users tend to participate in competitions with easy terms of participation. Comment-based giveaways are one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your follower count and profile engagement on Instagram. You can increase their loyalty by asking your followers to comment on the contest post with a hashtag. Reaching as many potential customers as possible is actually that simple. You can attract new customers by building your business community and expanding your audience.

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