Use Question Tags in Your Instagram Stories


Instagram is getting more and more popular with things like gifs, music, question tags, locations that can be added to stories. With these question stickers, you can ask your followers to post questions that you can then share publicly. On the contrary, if you want, you can ask questions yourself and you can only see the answers yourself. The potential to reach your audience using Instagram stories is huge, and there are several creative ways to use question stickers.


Use of Question Stickers

If you use the Instagram question feature correctly, you can establish a friendly relationship with your audience. The responses you receive need to be helpful and meaningful. You should ask questions about the topics that your followers are curious about. For example, you can find out what they think about ordering a product from your business, and you can clear the question marks in their minds.


Introducing a New Product

If you are preparing to launch a new product, you should definitely include using the Instagram question sticker in your strategies. Thus, you can get the opinions of your customers about the product and learn what they like and dislike. The information you collect with this question sticker will be feedback for future launches. Remember, the more information your customers have about the product you are promoting, the more likely they will be to buy that product.


Instagram Question Tags Can Be Used as Contest

As businesses and influencers try to connect with their followers and gain new followers, used Instagram question stickers as a contest and distributed free products. Contests are usually held via regular Instagram posts. But there are so many features on Instagram that question stickers for the contest are also available. By asking an interesting question about the topic of your competition, you can declare the person who gives the most creative answer the winner of the competition.


Question stickers are also like customer feedback services feature. You get real-time feedback by always having a question tag in your story. Getting feedback from your customers by getting a direct perspective is showing that you care about their suggestions and ideas. In this way, you also do market research. Stickers make your account a profile of interest. Followers also prefer to follow profiles that are active and communicate with their customers every day, rather than profiles that are posting once a week.

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