Instagram Video Types and Lengths


Instagram was focused on sharing photos when it was launched, but videos have also taken an important place on the platform in recent years. Videos taken by businesses for product promotions, educational videos or live broadcasts are very popular on Instagram. For this reason, video marketing strategies are also included in content sharing plans. But not all videos can be created the same length.


You should share your videos appropriately both to meet the expectations and needs of your target audience and to get the most out of distribution channels. Instagram offers several ways for you to share videos: Live streams, feed videos, stories, IGTV and Reels.


You can choose an option depending on the length and purposes of your video, as the length of videos that can be shared in each option is different.


Instagram Feed Videos

Instagram videos shared in the feed can be up to one minute long. Instagram allows a maximum of one minute of video sharing in the feed. Because users quickly scroll through the feed and are patient enough to watch only short and informative videos.


To upload a video to the feed, you must follow the same path as you do when uploading a regular Instagram post. You can tag users or tag locations to videos to be shared in square, vertical, and horizontal shapes. If the video you want to upload is longer than 1 minute, Instagram will help you trim the part of the video you want.


Instagram Story Videos

Instagram has limited videos in stories to a maximum of 15 seconds. If the video is longer than 15 seconds, Instagram allows you to split it into several clips and share it. Sharing videos in stories has many advantages. You can use tools like “Scroll Up” feature, filters, GIPHY gallery to customize the videos shared there. So you can add a few personalizations to your stories.


Instagram GIFs are a good way to interact with your audience. You can use GIFs to tell them to keep watching your stories, to ask them to sign up for a place, to ask them to see your last post, or for something different. For all this, Instagram’s GIPHY GIF gallery is available to all users.


Instagram Live Videos

An Instagram Live Stream can last up to 1 hour. You can chat with your followers, make an announcement or launch a live broadcast event on Instagram. Going live is one of the ways to generate excitement about your content. Answering your followers’ questions by broadcasting live, chatting with them and showing yourself to them are ways to increase your brand’s awareness.

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