What is Instagram Audit? How is it done?


One of the ways to check the progress of social media marketing is to conduct an Instagram audit. You should take some time to evaluate whether the things you are doing are working to achieve what you want to achieve. Remember that Instagram marketing is a long marathon. If you want to grow your brand through Instagram, you should do an Instagram audit from time to time.


In order to see how well-known your brand is on social media and to bring it to better positions, you need to do various controls on your Instagram profile. Knowing how to set your goals, analyze your business, build your followers and content will give you a number of advantages over your competitors.


How to Audit Instagram Profile?

Instagram audit allows you to evaluate your profile with three different sections. These three sections are; followers are divided into content and branding of the profile. By examining each of these three aspects separately, you can clearly see how you are in achieving your brand goals. Even when you think you’re meeting the goals overall, you still have a chance to optimize a few things that went wrong. Even if you think that you are insufficient in reaching the targets, you can reconstruct your strategy by analyzing the data you collected during the audit.


During the Instagram Audit, you are expected to ask the following questions:


  • What types of content get more engagement?
  • What is our participation rate?
  • How far is our follower count from our target number?
  • Does the branding of our profile seem interesting to our target audience and customers?


Instagram’s built-in analytics tools are a bit lacking when auditing Instagram. Therefore, when conducting an Instagram audit, third-party tools are often used to assist in the collection and analysis of relevant data.


Should I Audit Instagram?

If you have set goals for your Instagram business profile, an Instagram audit is a great way to measure your progress toward those goals. Instagram audit, if done correctly, provides information that can guide your marketing strategy for your brand. That’s why the Instagram audit is quite useful. If you delve deeper into your followers, you’ll have all four key insights.


  • How many influencers follow you?
  • The demographics of your followers.
  • How many fake followers do you have?
  • What do your followers like?


By removing fake followers, you can improve the image of your business while also gaining insight into who your real followers are. Knowing the demographics of your followers and researching what they like and dislike allows you to plan more appropriate content studies for your target audience.

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