Why Is Instagram the Best Social Media Platform for Brands?


Instagram has been one of the most used platforms in the social media world since 2010. With updates since its launch, Instagram has grown from a social media platform to a full-fledged marketing channel. With more than 1 billion monthly active users and more than 550 million Instagram stories daily, Instagram is one of the most important platforms for both personal and business use.


Brands humanize their content while targeting relevant audiences in these days of competition. 82% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, and 74% have purchased at least one product they’ve seen on the platform. This data allows Instagram For Business to spin its wheels faster. So there is no reason not to choose Instagram as one of your marketing tools.


How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool?

A New Instagram Trend Every Day

The style of content on Instagram is constantly changing and evolving. If you want to be ahead of your competitors, you have to keep up with these trends. Brands on Instagram have to improve their marketing techniques. You should create the content on your business profile to keep up with the trends. For example, you should show how you empathize with communities by dealing with their sensitive issues.


Your Customers Should Easily Reach You

Although Instagram is both a mobile and desktop compatible platform, almost all users prefer to use the mobile application. This means your customers should be able to reach you with a few taps. Communication channels such as website, phone number, WhatsApp connection must be added to your profile.


Your Target Audience Should Be Young

Instagram is separated from Twitter and Facebook as it is mostly used by younger users. About 35% of Instagram users are between the ages of 25 and 34. If brands target and reach people in this age group, they can achieve their growth targets faster.


According to a study, visual content generates up to 700% more engagement than text-based posts. Instagram is also the best platform that allows these visual content to be shared and liked and commented by other users. Consistency in the images on your profile is necessary to create an image for your business. You can try some editing apps to resize images. So you don’t lose important details when publishing images.

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