Creating a Marketing Strategy Using Instagram DMs 2021


Do you use dms to communicate with your followers on Instagram? One of the main features offered by the platform, DMs help businesses create sales opportunities by communicating with their potential customers. That’s why you should never ignore Instagram DMs as a way to grow your brand. Instagram DMs allow you to engage with customers through intimate one-on-one conversations that aren’t possible on other channels.


You can use Instagram DMs in various ways to reach your potential customers reactively and proactively for various purposes.


Marketing with Instagram DMs

More than 400 million Instagram users actively use the DM feature. Especially Y and Z generations are actively and regularly using Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. A marketing strategy that includes direct messaging on Instagram is essential to the overall success of your brand.


Strategically using Instagram DMs takes some planning. If more than one person manages the business’s account, they should be capable of constantly communicating with your potential customers. If you can’t keep up with responding to customers as time goes by, you may never start using DMs. That’s why you should first determine the people who will be responsible for managing Instagram messages.


If the team working for your business Instagram account already has a full workload, you may want to consider hiring a new teammate for DM-related tasks. This team should ensure that your business runs everything from customer service to marketing as planned.


Using Instagram DMs for Marketing

By using Instagram DMs for marketing purposes, you have the chance to reach the specific goals you set. For example, you can aim to increase business engagement and increase brand awareness. In this case, you need more reach, followers, and engagement per follower. While you aim to improve customer service and support, you should focus on a few KPIs. These are first contact decisions, reaction time and resolution time. You should respond to customer complaint messages with solution-oriented and empathy.


The links you send to your customers via dm should be different from the links you always share. By adding counters to the links, you can follow the number of users who shop from the links in the DMs and the conversion rate. Instagram DMs are one of the most valuable milestones to gain more customers. When you use each of these methods, you get closer to achieving better results by working more planned and strategically.

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