Setting Up Instagram Shopping Detailed Guide 2021


Instagram Shopping makes Instagram, already a great marketing platform for brands, directly beneficial for businesses. With Instagram shopping, anyone who can see an account’s followers or posts can easily buy products from that account. In other words, thanks to Instagram Shopping, you do not need to go to a different link by swiping up from the story, you can sell products directly within the Instagram application.


Instagram tries to keep its users in as many apps as possible. Therefore, innovations are constantly being added to the application that you can spend more time with. With Live Broadcasts, Stories, IGTV and Reels, they enabled users to create content in different ways. They also made it harder to have a scroll-up feature by adding clickable links to stories. If you do not have 10,000 followers, you cannot use the swipe up feature in your stories. Instagram shopping takes all these experiences one step further, allowing businesses to sell their products directly within the Instagram app.


We will also explain how you can set up the somewhat complicated Instagram Shopping feature. There are four easy steps to start selling through the app.


Are You Eligible for Instagram Shopping?

In the first step, we will see if we have an account eligible for Instagram Shopping setup. You must have accepted the Instagram policies and are using an account that complies with them, and you must also have a business account. You must have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram account. You must have a Facebook catalog and be selling physicals products. Currently, you can only sell physical products, service sales are not available for Instagram shopping.


To link your Instagram business account to the Facebook catalog, you must go into settings from your profile, then tap on Link a Facebook Page. Here you have the option to create an existing page or a new one. You can link your accounts by following the instructions Instagram gives you. Next, you need to create the Facebook catalog.


Go to, tap Create Catalog and choose your inventory type. The type suitable for Instagram shopping is e-commerce. Here you can upload products via Shopify link, in bulk or manually. After uploading your product information and creating your catalog, you can connect the catalog to your Instagram account by selecting Instagram Shopping from the Channels section. Congratulations, after confirming this catalog on Instagam, you can now use the Instagram Shopping function.

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