The Best Photography Hashtags You Can Use on Instagram


If you use Instagram for photography, you should learn the hashtags you should use to grow your account. Instagram is one of the best platforms for photographers. But now everyone has a good camera on their phone, so it’s harder for photographers to stand out than before.


Using hashtags on Instagram as a way to stand out on Instagram over the people you compete with helps to stand out in the app, increase engagement, and increase brand awareness. These are good things for both experienced photographers and beginners. You should use appropriate photography hashtags in appropriate categories to grow your target audience and gain new followers in a short time.


The Best Hashtags for Photography

Increasing engagement and reach with the hashtag creates more visibility into the account. Users find new photographers to follow by following specific photo hashtags. Thus, photographers create great opportunities for themselves by using hashtags. Below are the top hashtags for different categories. Adding what you have identified from these hashtags to your hashtag strategy can greatly benefit your business.


General Photo Hashtags

If you take and share photos in all categories, not in a specific category, you can use hashtags accordingly. Using the best hashtags in photography is the best way to grow your online presence. Gaining more followers means having more target audiences. A good strategy, quality content and appropriate hashtags will accompany you on your way to success.


  • #zonephotographer
  • #reflectiongrams
  • #photographersofig
  • #dslrofficial
  • #ruleofthirds


Food Hashtags

Food photography on Instagram is increasing in popularity day by day. From restaurant shots to recipes, Instagram is full of food photos you can’t even imagine. Besides, anyone can be a food photographer. You should also be aware of the top hashtags to find ways to stand out among food photographers. If you’re a chef, you should highlight yourself on Instagram to sign up for a good restaurant.


  • #foodphotographers
  • #foodphotography
  • #foodphotostagram
  • #foodphotograph
  • #foodphotographytips


Wedding Hashtags

Wedding photography is actually a photography industry that covers a very long process. Wedding photography, which includes different types of photography such as landscape, group photography, portrait, event photography, is very common on Instagram. Increasing competition in the wedding industry requires the use of the best hashtags for weddings. As a wedding photographer, you should use the following hashtags to get more clients, increase reach and engagement.


  • #weddingdayphoto
  • #weddingphotographyideas
  • #weddingphotoinspiration
  • #weddingphotoideas

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