What to Do & Don’t When Scheduling Instagram Posts


As an Instagram business, are you struggling to increase your quality follower count? The more followers you have, the more people recognize your business and get potential customers. Not all businesses resort to getting Instagram followers in the right ways. When trying to increase your Instagram follower count, you should use proven, wise methods and save time.


Scheduling Posts

In addition to the quality of the posts you share on Instagram, the time of day you share them is just as important. When posts and stories are shared at the right times, the fast and steady growth of the account follows. While trying to increase your Instagram follower count, this article explains the dos and don’ts of planning your posts.


Things to Do in Post Scheduling

You should find the best time to post based on your leads and analytics. There’s no common time to not post on Instagram, so every business must research the right time based on their audience.


You can see when your potential customers are most active using Instagram Insights. You can find Insights under the top right tab on your profile. By sharing similar posts at several different times, you can measure how much engagement they get and how many followers they gain.


One of the most important things to do when scheduling a post is to post consistently. Using lots of different hashtags while posting regularly on Instagram will also help you gain more followers. When users visit your profile and see that you post regularly, they may be more eager to follow you.


Don’ts in Post Scheduling

Although it is necessary to post regularly, it is sufficient to share a maximum of 2 posts per day. Users don’t want to be overwhelmed by constantly seeing the posts of any business. Initially, you can try to share a post every day. Depending on the feedback and statistics you receive, you may consider increasing or decreasing your posting frequency.


This is not the case with stories. Although sharing more than 1-2 posts a day creates problems for your followers, you can share more in your stories. Every time you add a new one to your stories, you’ll top your followers’ storyline, creating more opportunities for your content to be browsed. That’s why Instagram Stories are the perfect fit for you to stand out more in front of your followers.

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