Why Instagram Accounts Are Banned


If your Instagram account has been blocked or just wondering why Instagram accounts are blocked, you are reading the right article. Instagram is strict about the posts it allows communities to share. A guide to why Instagram blocked a post or account will help you with a lot of things. You can learn what to do if you are restricted or blocked on Instagram by reading this content.


Violation of Instagram Rules

On Instagram, you can express yourself as you wish through images and videos, but of course, by following some rules. If you break these rules, Instagram may block your account. Instagram has set community guidelines and rules to keep all users happy and safe. Instagram may not fully explain why it blocked an account. If your account has been blocked, you may not even realize what rules you’re breaking.


Sexual Content

The first of the reasons for your Instagram account being blocked is posting inappropriate sexual content. Instagram prohibits the sharing of partially nude photos of children and generally nudity photos. This nudity is not allowed even for creative or artistic purposes.


Violent Content

Accounts that post violent content may be blocked. Encouraging violence is prohibited on Instagram. Violent posts are not considered a violation of the rules if they are made only to raise awareness against violence and to challenge violence. Accounts that threaten to cause serious harm to public safety may be banned from Instagram.


Instagram asks its users to be mindful of all shared posts. This includes posts about newsworthy events. In order not to be blocked by Instagram, you should be careful not to post uncensored videos that contain violence or intense blood. It is also important to add a warning to the photo or video to avoid being blocked for posts you make to educate, condemn or raise awareness.


Copyrighted Content

You may be blocked on Instagram due to issues with copyrighted content. The correct method of sharing copyrighted content is reposting. Instagram tries to keep its communities strong by trying to avoid conflicts. For this reason, instead of solving copyright issues on their own, it directly asks users and companies to solve it among themselves. If you post copyrighted content without permission or attribution, the owner of the content can report you, and you can be banned by Instagram if you don’t make the necessary edits or remove the post.

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