Instagram Management Tips for Beginners


Instagram is the most important part of digital marketing tools and every brand should be on Instagram. While some businesses may see Instagram management as a burden, Instagram is definitely the most important place for brands. 92% of over a billion users on Instagram follow at least one business account. Your competitors in the industry are also on Instagram and communicating with your potential customers. You can use many different options such as IGTV, Stories, feed posts, Instagram Live to make Instagram effective for your business.


You should not overestimate the management of Instagram because it is not as difficult as it seems. When you join Instagram, you don’t have to use all the options we just mentioned. You can choose one or two and start using them. If you become a good Instagram account manager, you will have many items suitable for your business. These elements include many things, such as fine-tuning your plans based on reports and data, planning and creating your strategy.



As with all good marketing strategies, the first step in Instagram management is planning. Planning out what your Instagram goals are is the best way to start moving forward. Do you want to use Instagram to sell directly from within the app using shoppable posts or to increase brand awareness? Do you want to inform your potential customers and followers about your industry or will you just promote your products?


There are no right or wrong answers for any of these goals. Planning means more than your overall goals. Once you’ve identified these, it’s time to decide how you’re going to achieve your goals. How often will you post about what? You can start planning by answering these questions. Even if you want to create and share posts in real time instead of pre-composing, you should decide in advance what you want to share each day.


Content Creation

After planning by answering some questions, it’s time to start creating posts to share. There are many ways to create a post and these ways cannot be interpreted as true or false. If your planning includes pre-creating your content, you may want to consider taking all the photos and creating the graphics you need at once. Then you can find interesting caption ideas by browsing different Instagram profiles. If you want to go one step further, you can plan a few photo shoots and use these branded photos for a long time.

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