What To Do to Become a Micro Influencer on Instagram


One of the first goals for brands and influencer candidates using Instagram is to reach 10,000 followers. With 10k followers, it comes with a link-to-redirect feature by swiping up to your stories. Of course, having that many followers is a difficult and demanding process.


A good hashtag strategy is one of the best ways to increase your follower count on a regular basis. By finding your target audience, you should include them among your followers and be able to interact with them. You can review your analytics to see what your followers like and what hours they use Instagram. As long as you are passionate about keeping up with ads and trends, you can improve your profile day by day in just one hour a day.


Tips for Reaching 10k Followers on Instagram

There are many tips on the internet, some simple, some more complex and difficult. Although helpful tips are limited, there is no ultimate and only truth to gain followers. Authenticity is the method that definitely works.


  • Share stories every day.
  • Even if you work with different businesses, take care of your own business.
  • Find a niche and work without leaving that industry.
  • Don’t be like everyone else, be original and unique.
  • Don’t try to grow your followers fast, grow slowly and regularly.


How to Be Different

Not being like everyone else doesn’t mean trying to look completely different or staying out of trends. The way to become a micro-influencer is to choose a few creators you like and watch what they do. Which brands do they work with, what do they share in their stories, what kind of posts do they share, how much time do they spend? You can create a strategy for yourself by answering many questions such as these. As we mentioned in our previous content, acting according to specific goals and strategy will contribute greatly to increasing your follower and engagement numbers on a regular basis.


Collaborating with Businesses

Businesses can offer cooperation by contacting you via e-mail, WhatsApp, Instagram DM and similar ways. If you have started to receive offers from brands in this way, you should know that you are on the right track. You must set the price you will charge per post or story. You raised your Instagram account yourself and you know how much time and effort it cost you. You can work with companies that have an influencer marketing budget by pricing accordingly.


In the beginning, you can even work with small businesses for free. Don’t think this is stupid. When you work with a small business, you might get noticed by the big ones, you can get emails from them.

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