How Fitness Coaches Can Grow Their Instagram Accounts


Fitness coaches should recognize the importance of presenting their fitness expertise and real-world experiences to Instagram users. Fitness professionals using Instagram are able to connect and increase their reach with other engaged fitness lovers around the world. Fitness coaches who want to convey the fitness in their own lives to their followers share things like healthy food ideas, videos from training sessions, workout moves, motivational reminders.


Fitness is still a very popular niche on Instagram. Fitness trainers help people build confidence in their bodies, move well, and gain strength. Fitness trainers, an Instagram community, can promote healthy behaviors and provide movement training to their communities. They offer services such as nutrition consultancy, fat loss, weightless movements, strength training, and goal setting with special trainings given on Instagram.


The Challenges of Growing an Instagram Fitness Account

Fitness trainers sometimes can’t figure out how to impress people or what to post on Instagram. They may hesitate between sharing a photo or video. It’s a little easier to engage meaningfully with a niche audience. If you create valuable and engaging content for your audience, you can engage your audience at a deep level. This includes responding to comments on your posts or stories.


The key to increasing followers in the current Instagram algorithm is, of course, content production. Fitness trainers’ content should be short and simple, have good visual quality, be engaging, and offer educational value. Hashtags must be used in posts. To determine a hashtag strategy, highly liked posts related to the industry can be examined. Working with hashtags with less than 500k posts in niche industries like fitness can be a good strategy. With hashtags with less crowds of posts, users may have more chances to see your posts. An example of this is to use the hashtag #bodypositive instead of #fitness.


If your posts are attractive enough to attract new followers to your account and you really generate value, using niche-specific hashtags will definitely help increase followers. When you use hashtags that match the posts, a new follower will most likely be a loyal follower. You may have less chance of increasing followers when you only use hashtags with millions of posts. Once progressed enough, coaches with a fitness account on Instagram can open their own studio or gym to lead workshops and rehabilitation sessions, create an online platform for fitness, and offer group trainings.

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