Making Money by Creating a Marketing Strategy with IGTV


Instagram marketing for brands is fast becoming the most important tool to increase their sales. Instagram is in competition with all other platforms at the same time. IGTV monetization is also a feature that Instagram launched to compete with YouTube. Brands can advertise in front of or behind IGTV videos, and other businesses or users who create video content can use it as a monetization method.


IGTV Monetization

IGTV monetization allows creators on Instagram to earn money by consenting to showing short ads alongside IGTV videos. Users who accept and comply with the Partner Program Monetization Policies are eligible for this opportunity. All social media platforms use similar type of ad model to generate revenue for their creator users and get commissions as middlemen. Their platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat all have ads that run during videos, feed ads, and even sidebar ads. Platforms like Hulu and YouTube have opted to sell monthly subscriptions for an ad-free experience. However, users have been accustomed to watching advertisements occasionally while watching something for years.


YouTube and Facebook have long used ads to create monetization opportunities for video creator users. Monetization with IGTV is a feature to bring users and their followers to Instagram, who already generate income by creating videos on other platforms. All of these platforms have more than 1 billion active users.


Instagram loves to compete and attract influencers from other platforms to Instagram. An example of this is the hasty development and launch of the Reels feature after TikTok became popular. Since Instagram wants everyone with a lot of followers to join and stay on the platform, it is constantly making updates in a direction.


IGTV videos are the type of post that can be recorded in portrait or landscape format, up to an hour long. Although it can be accessed with a different application in the beginning, it is currently only built into Instagram due to the lack of use of the application. Your followers can access your IGTV videos from the section dedicated to IGTV on your profile page. When IGTV videos are shared in stories, they can be shared as a video, not as a single image like a normal post.


Partner Monetization Policies are very similar to Facebook’s policies. Policies include users to comply with page conditions, monetization with unique interaction, community standards, sharing original content, payment rules and many other rules and conditions.

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