Why It’s Important to Have a Good Instagram Bio


Having a good Instagram bio will have a direct impact on gaining more Instagram followers. Regardless of your follower acquisition strategy, all your potential followers will be browsing your bio first. The first thing you can do to increase your chances of converting visitors into followers and followers into customers is to improve your bio.


You may need some inspiration to write a bio based on your industry. You can customize the bios of your competitors and industry leaders a bit and use them in your own account. Instagram bio is a billboard where you can present your website and company portfolio in one space. When your potential customers read your bio, they learn in seconds what you stand for, what you do and what you sell. That’s why creating a good Instagram bio is the first step in Instagram marketing.


If the appearance of your posts and bio on your profile is boring or unprofessional, the user who sees them will never think to follow you. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all guide to the ultimate biography, but what a biography should include is clear. A bio should definitely state what your brand does and who it is, unless your brand is Vogue. 🙂


What Does a Good Bio Do?

When potential followers (who will later become potential customers) visit your profile, they will take a quick glance at a few things. They’ll look at your profile photo, the top of your feed, the number of followers and followings, your featured stories, and your bio. Not everyone may attach importance to the same things in them, but everyone definitely reads what you write in your bio.


If people understand who you are and what you do, you’ve taken the first step towards a good biography. You don’t need to be an influencer or brand owner to describe what you do on Instagram in your bio, whether you’re a regular Instagram user, your bio is important to the appearance of your account.


A good biography showcases your personality. When your potential followers get some information about you, they may consider following you. But someone who does not know about you does not want to follow. Creating a good bio also requires a degree of creativity. The words in your bio allow you to be reached by direct search. That’s why you should definitely include your work in your bio.

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