2021 Instagram E-Commerce Marketing Methods


It is very difficult for e-commerce stores that are not on Instagram to increase their sales to a satisfactory level. There are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, and 74% of them buy products they encounter on the platform. That’s why you should take a look at the ways to increase your sales by having a good account on Instagram.


Share What Followers Want

You can’t expect to increase your sales just by sharing product photos on Instagram. Knowing the wishes of your audience and sharing interesting content that will interact with them will increase your sales more. When you establish good relationships with your followers, you can use Instagram more effectively to increase your sales.


Plan a strategy by creating the content your followers want to see. You can ask them directly via Instagram Stories to find out what kind of content they like. You can communicate with your audience one-on-one, share infographics, or create how-to videos on interesting topics through live videos. For example, a food company’s recipe videos help convert followers into potential customers.


Take Professional Photos

After building relationships with your followers and increasing your interactions by sharing quality and interesting content, we can move on to the next step. We’re going to have to professionalize a bit at this step. You can do it yourself if you have a good smartphone or DSLR camera, or you can hire a professional photographer. You should now learn that you need to share quality photos.


Among your competitors, there is always someone who publishes free photos they find on stock photography sites. Each photo you take will stand out compared to the photos your competitor has shared. Posting high-quality photos of products helps your business look more professional. You can also use different tools and applications to record professional video and optimize it for sharing on Instagram.


A product photo or video not only looks attractive, it also presents the products in detail to potential customers. Introducing the same product with several photos at different angles and positions helps to remove the curiosity and doubts about the product. All of these photos can be shared in a single scrolling post.


You can spend a day taking photos of your products in different environments from different angles. You have the chance to publish the photos you take in one day for months. Look at the calendar of the Instagram marketing strategy you prepared before and share your posts on the days when they should be.

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