Increase Your Instagram Brand Awareness Using Instasize


You have many different options when planning your marketing on Instagram. 2021 Instagram marketing tactics include holding giveaways or contests, influencer marketing, creating shoppable posts with product tags. These are effective marketing methods for your growth goals on Instagram in general. But businesses sometimes neglect their marketing plans by ignoring visual branding.


Brand awareness is absolutely essential for any business that competes with its competitors on Instagram. On Instagram, you are not busy with texts like other platforms, this platform is full of images. The visual sharing you make on Instagram, which is focused only on photos and videos, must be of high quality. Visual branding also requires you to have design components that bring your brand’s personality and principles together.


Basic Elements of Visual Branding

Graphics: Graphics reflect the display style of your business with the fonts and colors you choose.


Font: The font and size you choose to use directly represents your business. The feelings of Calibri used in the business world and Comic Sans with its rounded corners are very different from each other.


Logo & Brand Icon: Your business logo.


Color: Having 1-2 colors that symbolize your brand is more important than you think. Some colors are associated with brands, for example, when we think of Doritos, we think of orange. Just like that, the colors of your business have an important place in visual branding.


Photos & Videos: The posts you share must be compatible with each other. Posts that look meaningless and confused when side by side annoy users. For example, you can consider sharing photos in light brown tones with a concept. Or you can get a common point in all of them by putting your photos in pastel color frames.


Creating visual brand awareness with these elements on Instagram is one of the most important steps for any brand. This way, you can streamline your brand awareness efforts with Instasize.



Available for both Android and iOS, Instasize can help you achieve the visual branding you want. Instasize is the toolkit for social media creatives that currently has over 700,000 users. After the 3-day free trial version, the application offers the opportunity to continue with the paid version or the free version. In the free membership, you have access to basic tools such as video editing, using original filters, using color editing tools. For $4.99 per month, you’ll get advanced beauty tools, more filters, unique borders, and a whole host of other features. Premium memberships can also access various trainings provided by social media experts.

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