Instagram Account Growth Methods by Niches


Instagram is the marketing tool of the century and growing. For entrepreneurs, this social media platform is the ideal channel to market your products and services.


One billion people are active on Instagram every month. It is officially one of the fastest growing social platforms, twice as fast as Twitter, with over 26 million Instagram submissions in 2020.


Harnessing the power of Instagram is a win-win distribution strategy regardless of the industry you operate in. However, it seems that certain niches are already growing on Instagram, and it’s clear that companies in these sectors have an added advantage.


Sure, creating good content and being consistent is the best marketing strategy anyone can and should use, but what happens when we talk about specific niches?


Check out the following marketing strategies to learn how to promote your Instagram account across different industries and how to use your advertising strategy.


Art & Design

Artists, graphic designers and even architects showcase their work and projects on the platform so that others can see what they are working on and advertise their products and services.


If you are one of them, you can use Instagram to your advantage:


Get in touch with other artists

Perhaps the most important thing for an artist is to create a network of like-minded people and create a professional circle that welcomes your art. Find Instagram accounts with the hashtags you use to describe your work and interact with them via instant messaging.


Use relevant hashtags

The hashtags you use will depend on your niche and the specific topic of your region. However, any creative artist can use hashtags like:








Science and Technology

Can science, technology and Instagram coexist? Why not? There are already many influencers using the platform to introduce new gadgets and describe its features and usability. So if you work in science or technology, here’s what you can do:


Share updates via blog posts

If you have a blog or website where you talk about science and technology, you can create posts or stories on Instagram and then generate traffic.


However, first make sure you optimize your biography and use the link where you can insert it.


Share interviews with industry professionals

Interviews with researchers and technicians are not out of fashion. Call the respondent for an interview. Once you’ve done that, you can post the interview on Instagram, tag them and see how much engagement you can get from them and their followers.



Food bloggers always share the best of their work on Instagram, and for good reason. Instagram filters are perfect for this as it can help them create beautiful photos that can capture almost any type of food, be it a simple pasta dish or a colorful plate of exotic fruits.


But not only that. Food bloggers and food brands can certainly be more creative than this:


Presentation of gift vouchers and contests

Gifts are the best way to encourage engagement because it gives people something in return for an action. Follow account, tag your friends in the post, like or share the post, or create awareness in general.



The gaming industry has grown rapidly and is taking over social media.


Many influential gamers are already on YouTube and Twitch, so why can’t they also be on Instagram?


If you’re a gamer, you can learn what you can do to use Instagram properly as you interact with other players and grow in your community.


Play your game and share screen

Use Instagram as a live broadcast channel to share instructions, tips and game suggestions with your audience. Then you can also edit the video and upload the recordings again.


Alternatively, you can link your account to your favorite live streaming platform using the Instagram Biography link.


Use the right hashtags

The best way for a gamer to use hashtags to increase your following is to combine some of the common hashtags in the game with more specific ones.

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