A detailed overview of Instagram’s best features Live Video and IGTV


Instagram is without a doubt one of the biggest social media platforms today. It is almost impossible to run a successful social media marketing campaign without Instagram. As a social network built around photos and videos, Instagram has gained popularity thanks to its simple filtering feature, which makes every photo look high-quality with little effort. But if the platform only had one function, it wouldn’t be where it is today.


There are tons of Instagram features that are constantly updated. But if you want to get the most out of your Instagram, there are a few to focus on. That’s why we discuss the best Instagram features that you should use in your Instagram marketing strategy.


  1. Instagram Live Video

What is Live Video?

Live Video is a feature that allows Instagram users to stream video in real time. Users can communicate and contact their followers directly through comments.


While users stream a live video to their Instagram account, the profile picture, which is in the story section, has a light ring that warns followers to join the live broadcast.


Instagram Live Features

Instagram Live Video includes many useful features that allow users to interact with followers. The most notable are:


  • Stream video in real time
  • Save your live video to play in Instagram Stories
  • Followers can comment
  • Post a comment at the top of the video
  • Invite a friend to watch the live video to stream
  • See engagement metrics after stream


Best practices of Instagram Live

Talk to your followers like a friend: With this Instagram feature, you can see followers of their favorite brands interact with them, ask questions in the comments section that you can answer in real time, and followers can respond with your heart and smile.


Encourage real interaction: If you’re looking forward to real customer feedback or feedback on your products, this is definitely a good opportunity to ask. Suppose you are developing a new product and want to hear from your customers about it. Instead of announcing it in a message, you can stream a video and request it directly.


Ideas for Instagram Live: Many brands have incorporated these ideas into their live videos and have seen better results in customer engagement. You should also try them:


  • Introduce a new product
  • Explain the properties of a product
  • Ads for a sales campaign
  • Show off the work behind the scenes
  • Create a question and answer session
  • Sell ​​products directly


  1. Instagram TV – IGTV

What is IGTV?

IGTV is an in-app platform that allows accounts to upload videos in long format. Instead of launching the search box, videos are automatically displayed when users open the IGTV tab.


IGTV Features

Instagram shows certain IGTV videos based on users’ activities and interests. Any user of personal and business account groups can upload IGTV videos to interact with audience and friends.


  • Allows videos of up to an hour
  • Vertical and horizontal video shapes
  • Videos are recommended based on the following user accounts


Practical tips for IGTV

You can give a lot of information through IGTV videos with a maximum of one hour. You can cross-promote your content and upload your YouTube videos to Instagram so that your followers don’t have to go to the other app to see the content in long form. There are several ideas to diversify the content of your videos:


Vlog: Record your daily work and share it with the public

Industry Culture: Make your company more human and lively, make videos, including employee interviews, office games, birthday parties, etc.

Interview: Invite a well-known public figure or influencer to make your brand credible

Testimonial: Solve worries about buying your products by showing comments and stories to real customers

Training: Provide useful tips about your products or how to use them

Behind the scenes: Behind the scenes at productions


Add a one-minute preview to the main stream to properly promote IGTV. Naturally, IGTV videos are streamed in customer feeds while browsing. At the same time, you need to edit the beginning of your videos.

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