Fashion accounts on Instagram: Tips to get more followers


Instagram is an excellent platform for fashion accounts. As with all Instagram accounts, growing followers is one of the most important parts of an Instagram strategy. After all, without organic and engaged followers, your account cannot build a community and be used as a marketing tool. Unfortunately, increasing the number of followers can be a difficult task. It can take a long time and strategies seem to change as quickly as Instagram’s algorithm. But today, we’ve got tips for Instagram fashion accounts to help you get more followers on Instagram, whether you’re a fashion influencer, brand, or business.


Make sure your content is attractive

Instagram is a visual platform that makes it perfect for people in the fashion industry. Many fashion Instagram accounts have beautiful photos, so you have to make sure that your photos are beautiful. Content creation is at the heart of your Instagram success.


Your content should also be unique – show some behind-the-scenes photos in your feed and in your stories. When posting traditional fashion photos, you need to create a well-composed image. Make sure your outfit contrasts well with the background so that it stands out. You definitely don’t want fashion to get lost in your posts!


Be true to your own style

This is perhaps our most important tip. The best way to attract followers who want to be with you (and possibly become customers) is to be yourself. If you try to copy the style of others, the public will not see and know who you really are. People can know when someone is not authentic, especially if they know they are only doing it to build a brand or build a new one online.


The most important tips for developing an Instagram fashion account are:


  • Consistency so your followers know when to see your posts
  • Engagement with your followers; Don’t forget to reply to your comments and reply to your posts.
  • To show your personality; Trustworthy content that will attract followers with similar interests.


The best thing you can do is create a unique and genuine account. Your followers need to know and follow you and your story. By sharing information about your life or simply highlighting unusual fashion choices, you give your followers a sense of who you are. Sharing your personal page and the style you like will make your account much more recognizable.


Use a mix of professional and lower quality photos

It goes back to our theme of creating a real, recognizable brand presence online. Some fashion influencers on Instagram are so concerned about posting perfect, high-quality photos that they miss the chance to share great moments because the photographer wasn’t there.


Make sure you are always involved with other accounts, especially those in the same niche as yours.


In general, younger Instagram users are attracted to more raw and realistic photos than filtered and edited photos. They like to see the raw, honest side of the people and the brands they follow.


Instagram also offers an excellent way for less professional photos and posts: Stories! Users expect the stories to be genuine, honest and generally simple. Sure it’s great to have prefabricated or branded stories, but in general people expect to see posts that are currently being made with the user’s smartphone.

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