Creating Instagram Videos That People Will Like


We all know that the Instagram video is on the rise. Between IGTV, Stories, Live and Feed, Instagram videos are everywhere you look when you open your account – and for good reason!


Video is the best marketing content on Instagram. IGTV, stories, live, feed… Instagram has been very focused on video content in recent years and is investing heavily in the future of social content such as video. As a result of this shift, brands have many more options for content than they use video in their Instagram marketing strategies.


Instagram feed videos and stories are important for better engagement. In fact, your brand should see Instagram Stories as a channel in its own right – requiring individual attention and constant updates, because this is what Instagram users look at the most.


Stories also provide space to safely upload unpolished video content that might not fit well in your feed — people are drawn to spontaneous interactions in stories. However, in your feed things are much more permanent and it is important to maintain a high standard of quality.


Instagram stories are important, but don’t neglect IGTV or Instagram Live!


Like its Feed and Stories counterparts, IGTV needs a more solid type of content. Both channels allow content in a longer format that can actually be widely used for marketing purposes.


If you are not sure what content to create for the different channels and formats, you should use an Instagram video editor like InVideo. It has templates for different sizes and a builder that makes it easy to build videos.


Instagram says a video uploaded to the platform’s feed can take anywhere from three seconds to a minute. You should aim for a length that allows you to communicate your message freely, but without taking the full 60 seconds.


IGTV and Instagram Stories are a little different in this regard. With Stories, you can focus on using the usual 15 seconds or sending multiple stories in a row to create segmented chunks that users can consume in chunks.


If you need more time, use IGTV! You can upload videos up to 15 minutes (from mobile upload) or 60 minutes (from the site).


But when it comes to marketing pieces, the golden rule is to keep them short and visible! It’s better to have shorter, more compact content so your audience can see everything at once than a 60-minute video that no one wants to see to the end.


Choose the right type of video

On Instagram, the audience is used to using content directly. For brands, the content should be just as new, but with a touch of professionalism. There should also be content that can be produced on a regular basis – consistency is key!


So, what are the types of recent and professionally made video posts?

Simple animations are engaging and easy to create. By combining simple images with animated text and static images, you can illustrate your message without spending too much money! You can also reuse content in a longer format to better suit the platform.

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