Metrics Instagram Marketers Need to Know


Are you using Instagram stats correctly? There are statistics to show marketers and their customers what they are doing well and where they can improve their current Instagram campaigns. While many marketers and their customers are aware of the importance of these metrics, few know how to use them effectively to increase their Instagram marketing campaigns.


In this article, we take a look at the key metrics Instagram marketers need to know in 2021.


Active Instagram Accounts

As marketers launch social media marketing campaigns for customers’ Instagram accounts in 2021, the number of active Instagram accounts is one of the most important Instagram metrics to keep an eye on. Currently, more than 1 billion active users have an Instagram account and more than 550 million users open their Instagram accounts every day.


Time spent on Instagram

While Instagram is one of the main platforms that brands use to engage with their customers and increase brand awareness, the way Instagrammers interact with the platform is changing.


The average Instagram user under the age of 25 spends a total of 35 minutes a day on the platform, while the elderly spend about 27 minutes a day.


This app emphasizes the importance of delivering content quickly and easily. With over 105 million videos and photos saturating Instagram daily, marketers need to supplement their content with more targeted growth strategies.


While 30 minutes doesn’t seem long in comparison, Facebook users typically spend 37 minutes on the platform, an average of 35 minutes a day on Snapchat, and 56 minutes on TikTok. Since Instagram still has the fourth-highest number of mobile app users, marketers should do everything they can to make the most of users’ time in the app.


User Statistics (US)

Marketers reaching the US audience should consider metrics as the number of Instagram users in America. 66% of US users use Instagram on a daily basis.


The age group that uses Instagram the most is from 18 to 26 years old at 71%, while those who use Instagram least are older, 65 years or older, which makes up only 11%. When it comes to gender, 52% of Instagrams are women, while 48% are men.


Other studies show that 119 million Instagram users are located in the United States, of which 41% are adults. On average, 46 million adults are actively using Instagram and can become new customers.


User stats outside the US

While Americans are the largest audience on Instagram, 92% of Instagrammers are located outside of the United States. As a marketer, this information is critical to determining and defining a specific audience on Instagram and, most importantly, what kind of content to create.


Number of users

A total of 1 billion people use Instagram every month. This still makes it the largest platform that allows businesses to access their audience directly.

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