Improving an Instagram Account Using Content Creation Tools

Content is arguably the most important aspect of increasing Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at why just the right content is so important, and some viable strategies for creating the best content.


Instagram is an extremely visual platform, so excellent content can help you gain followers on Insta. Think about the brands you follow in your personal social media account. Chances are, you’re not wasting your time with profiles with blurry photos, no captions, and never using Instagram Stories. Instead, you probably follow brands that deliver quality content on a daily basis — posts that inspire, educate, or inform you, or all three!


And statistics confirm that. Some research supports the idea that content quality is more important when it comes to engagement than hashtags or other strategies.


Now we know: content matters. And you can use the following steps to make sure you’re good — and grow your Instagram followers.


Develop a content plan

Before you start posting, create a content plan that helps you know what to post for the best results. Here are some things to keep in mind when configuring your Instagram account improving strategy.


Choose the theme for your content

The Instagram theme simply refers to the aesthetics of your account – in other words, the look of your profile. If you have a great theme, you can increase your Instagram followers when people see how beautiful your profile looks. Your theme is an extension of your brand and provides a visual representation of what you do.


Prepare captivating captions

Captions are an extremely important part of Instagram’s growth. They support their image by explaining it in more detail and often give readers a task to perform (“Click the link in our biography”).


Add emojis! Mid-sized brands (1,000 to 10,000 followers) get the best engagement with four to ten emojis per caption. Smaller and bigger brands (less than 1000 followers or more than a million) should have one to three.


Find the best hashtags

Instagram hashtags are an important method of increasing your reach, and when it comes to the best ways to grow Instagram, hashtags should not be overlooked.


You need to do some research to find the best hashtags for your brand. Look at competitors’ accounts to see what they’re doing; Search for a base word related to your business in the Instagram search box (like “food”) and see what other hashtags show up.


You can also use a hashtag generator to find the best labels to get Insta followers. You can use the generator to search for hashtags based on different categories – top labels, random labels and best match. Then you can even save the ones you selected in different hashtag group lists. This is a great way to create high visibility hashtags and increase engagement.


Plan your schedule

Plan your schedule after you configure the theme. Your Instagram schedule simply refers to how your photos are organized on your profile.


Some companies and influencers like to follow a specific pattern by placing three types of images – perhaps a product photo, a photo of a person, and an image with text – on the same scheme. In this way the grid is adjusted vertically.


There are several Instagram tools that can help you save time preparing content and trying to gain followers on Instagram.

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