Tricks to Increase Instagram Reach

  As Instagram and its algorithm have evolved over the past decade, the evolution of finding the ideal way to increase Instagram’s reach has become similar. With an incredibly smart algorithm and millions of users striving to get noticed, it can seem harder than ever to increase engagement.   Although the competition is fierce, Instagram […]

Improving an Instagram Account Using Content Creation Tools

Content is arguably the most important aspect of increasing Instagram followers. Let’s take a look at why just the right content is so important, and some viable strategies for creating the best content.   Instagram is an extremely visual platform, so excellent content can help you gain followers on Insta. Think about the brands you […]

Metrics Instagram Marketers Need to Know

  Are you using Instagram stats correctly? There are statistics to show marketers and their customers what they are doing well and where they can improve their current Instagram campaigns. While many marketers and their customers are aware of the importance of these metrics, few know how to use them effectively to increase their Instagram […]

Creating Instagram Videos That People Will Like

  We all know that the Instagram video is on the rise. Between IGTV, Stories, Live and Feed, Instagram videos are everywhere you look when you open your account – and for good reason!   Video is the best marketing content on Instagram. IGTV, stories, live, feed… Instagram has been very focused on video content […]

What do you do when you lose followers on Instagram

  With over 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the best social networks in the world. But building brand awareness on Instagram is not as easy as posting photos/videos on your profile. Remember that anyone with a smartphone can post to Instagram. So don’t expect to gain followers and increase your returns […]

How to Choose the Best Social Media Consultant

  If you’ve ever considered working with a social media consultant, now might be the time. Social media consultants are people who help you launch your social media marketing strategy. With expert help, your brand can have a big impact on your social media: 78% of marketers believe their social media marketing work was “somewhat […]

Fashion accounts on Instagram: Tips to get more followers

  Instagram is an excellent platform for fashion accounts. As with all Instagram accounts, growing followers is one of the most important parts of an Instagram strategy. After all, without organic and engaged followers, your account cannot build a community and be used as a marketing tool. Unfortunately, increasing the number of followers can be […]

A detailed overview of Instagram’s best features Live Video and IGTV

  Instagram is without a doubt one of the biggest social media platforms today. It is almost impossible to run a successful social media marketing campaign without Instagram. As a social network built around photos and videos, Instagram has gained popularity thanks to its simple filtering feature, which makes every photo look high-quality with little […]

Instagram Account Growth Methods by Niches

  Instagram is the marketing tool of the century and growing. For entrepreneurs, this social media platform is the ideal channel to market your products and services.   One billion people are active on Instagram every month. It is officially one of the fastest growing social platforms, twice as fast as Twitter, with over 26 […]

2021 Instagram Marketing Guide and Advice

  In 2021, Instagram has become an important part of the marketing secret for many brands and companies. Whether you think your business has a place on Instagram or not, chances are your ideal customers are on the platform to follow you and learn about your brand, products, or services.   What is Instagram Marketing? […]